Shanti Sounds

Ayi Wong and Michael Mayzel are Shanti Sounds Costa Rica.

With the blend of their unique backgrounds, Michael and Ayi Wong Mayzel bring a special alchemy to the creation of sound.

Their work, which has supported thousands of individuals across the globe, is a reflection of the depth of wisdom they’ve received from their combined practices in energy work, movement, plant medicine, breathwork, and meditation. Together, they have developed a specialized way of transmitting sound experiences in order to guide people deep into their processes.

Ayi and Michael’s distinct technique arose out of their firsthand knowledge of the energies and frequencies of the different instruments. A sound journey with Ayi and Michael is an experience in deep therapy work that presents people with an opportunity to let go of old patterning and shift their internal reality in a relatively short amount of time.


Sound Journeys are inner journeys guided by numerous sounds, all with varying frequencies and vibrations… each resonating with different parts of the body. These tones can lead you into a state of total relaxation in which healing and connection to a higher consciousness can take place.