November 21 - 26, 2020

Yannina Thomassiny & Carla Pérez-Galicia

Self Love Retreat

Healing with sound, Meditation, 1 Session of Bufo Alvarius, Conscious Movement, Integration, Plant Based Diet, Circles, Adaptogen.

Beyond what you think you know
With this medicine one has the possibility to connect with the intelligence of all of creation. It opens one to an expansive view to be able to see the big picture, to become stardust, to reset and be transformed; to remind us how to tap into radical self love.

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Teacher Bio

Sacred Medicine facilitator and sound healer

Her mission in this life is to share the transformational medicine to everyone that is ready to see.
She is a “toad” facilitator. This is a substance (called 5-meo-DMT) that secretes the “Bufo Alvarious”, a toad from the Sonoran desert. This is a molecule that is found in our brains in small doses, and the brain increases the production of this molecule when we are born or die.
She is a sound healer expert and produces the most listened podcast in spanish: Sabiduria Psicodelica.

Preparation and integration

Health and relationships specialist, meditation teacher, author and speaker.
Her passion is to help people discover and manifest their true inner power, by healing their bodies and breaking down the limiting beliefs that make them feel small, to transform their relationships and dare to shine.

She has been involved in alternative healing practices for the last 20 yrs and has developed several methods for inner empowerment and self love. She has a solid 10 year coaching practice and has lead dozens of retreats and workshops.

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