February 29 - March 7, 2020

Tracey Lanham & Heather Lindemann

Pura Vida! A Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica

The essence of the Costa Rica phrase “Pura Vida” is about experiencing the joy of living. This week-long retreat will embody just that – living a life of divine connection and bliss. Join Mudra Yoga Studio’s Heather Lindemann, Tracey Lanham and a collective of other guest teachers on retreat to the stunning beaches of Costa Rica.

Treat yourself to seven days of relaxation, sunshine, surf and play in an extraordinary setting that will nourish your body, mind and spirit.

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Teacher Bio

Heather Lindemann and Tracey Erin Lanham are life-long friends who believe in offering the full spectrum of the yoga practice. From asana to meditation to understanding the subtle body Heather and Tracey have individually and collectively embodied a deep study for more than a decade. As co-owners of Mudra Yoga Studio in Denver, Colorado, the studio’s mission is to bring accessible and approachable yoga to everyone while also offering an opportunity for a deep, transformative experience. For more information visit mudrayogastudio.com.

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