December 17 - 24, 2022

Taita Juan, Peia Luzzi and Eli Rechtschaffen

The Nature Within: Ancestral Shamanic Medicine Retreat

Join us for this life transformational week of deep healing. This is a once in a life time journey that is sure to open your heart and soul in ways you have never known!

First we honor and give gratitude to the Great Spirit, to Mother Nature, to the Grandfather Sun, to all the Spirits of Nature, to our Ancestors, to the Tribes and Guardians of these sacred plant medicines, to the Lords of these plants, and to our teachers Taita Juan and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and we give thanks to all of you whose hearts are open to heal yourselves and to bring this light to all beings around the planet.

This week long retreat includes Two Sacred Ancestral Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Private Consultations with Taita Juanito, Origin Sound Healing Journey’s, King Nettle Treatments, Daily Meditation and Yoga Classes, Personal Healing Sessions, Ancient Plant Wisdom Talks, Nature Prayers and Offerings, Plant Technology Regeneration Baths, three healthy meals daily at the Healing Sanctuary Blue Spirit, free time for swimming in the Grandmother Ocean and space for relaxation.

During this retreat, we uncover the medicine women and men within ourselves through these ancestral ceremonies. In the tribes of Siona and Ingano they place the medicine plants as the central pillars of their culture. Taita Juan teaches that, ” We practice the medicine to return to the origin of creation and the origin of life.” The origin of life is one of pure love, one where we dance and laugh through all its colors!

Nature Within December 2022

Teacher Bio

Taita Juanito is a title given to spiritual leaders of the Inga people in the Amazon. The title is a revered and respected one, earned through years of study under the grandfather elders.

Taita Juanito is a Doctor of the indigenous community of the Colombian Amazon, he walks the path of the Yagé and his family comes from a long lineage of traditional botanists. He began studying the medicine as a young boy. He learned the traditions of the Ingano people until he was twelve years old, before studying the Siona ways. Since then he has been learning and sharing with different communities.

Taita Juanito is a pillar of strength, hope and healing in his community, and now hopes to spread his message of love across the world to those who seek the path of sacred medicines.

This retreat is facilitated by Eli Rechtschaffen. Since a young age Eli has been drawn to self-exploration and has felt a strong connection with the spirits of nature. This connection led him to explore the world of Shamanism and to intensively study with indigenous people in South America. His journey has taken him to the depths of the Amazon jungle to learn about their medicinal plants and to learn a way of healing people in the truest form as our ancestors teach. The lineage that Eli follows is carried by Taita Juan from the Ingano tribe of Colombia.

Each year Eli leads healing retreats in Costa Rica with people from all around the world. Eli lives year-round in Costa Rica and there he has his own shamanic healing practice and leads medicine ceremonies. Every year Eli visits Colombia to further his studies and dive deeper into the teachings of the Amazon and the sacred plant medicines. His life intention is to bring these sacred healing tools to all beings whose hearts are open and to support the collective awakening of all human beings.

Peia Luzzi is an American born song collector, writer and multi-instrumentalist based in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Like water from a deep well, she draws inspiration from her ancestral roots of Celtic and Old World European folk music. With the voice of a lark, Peia dances nimbly from Child Ballads and 17th C. Gaelic laments, to Waulking Songs, and Bulgarian mountain calls. She has traveled extensively over the past 10 years to uncover melodies wrinkled and wise with time, laboring to honor their language and stories, while bringing a piece of herself to each song she carries.
At the Nature Within we are beyond thrilled having Peia join us on our upcoming retreats. Having had the chance to sit in ceremony with her it’s amazing how her voice supports the healing journey and acts as a bridge in the activation of the plants. A voice unlike one we have ever heard before, she brings the song of the heart of the natural woman who has been calling us home since the beginning of time.

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