April 17 - 24, 2021

Tai Hubbert

Breathwork Immersion & Facilitator Training

You are invited to a rich journey of discovering the breath as your greatest ally in holistic wellbeing, awakened awareness, and integrated growth and development. Through daily breathwork journeys and experiential workshops, you will deepen your own embodied wisdom, and develop your capacities to skillfully hold space for the process of others.

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Teacher Bio

As an experienced breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher, and healing arts practitioner, Tai supports the process of unwinding entanglements of the past so one can be more fully available to the gifts of the present.

Her approach is both spiritual and somatic in nature – detaching awareness from identification with limited notions of self, while also attending to the embodied experience, and what it is required to find greater resilience, resource, peace, and authentic expression in this world. She is interested in tracking upstream to discover the roots of symptoms manifesting downstream (at both an individual and collective level), and draws upon a wide toolkit to support awakened awareness, integrated growth, and peace of body, mind, and spirit.

Tai is based in Seattle, and offers retreats and trainings internationally.
More information is available @ www.swordandlotus.com.

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