January 14 - 21, 2023

Marybeth Grinnan, Niki Schemmel and Amy Moghanaki

DIVE IN! Mystery and Mastery

Enjoy a week of sun, surf, connection, healing, outstanding healthy meals, beautiful accommodations, and most of all BEING … as we guide you throughout our 7 day retreat.

We’ll inspire you with Nia, Moving to Heal, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, hatha yoga, meditation, healing circles, creative arts, and more.

Return home relaxed and ready for the new year.
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Teacher's Bio

Marybeth Grinnan SoulShine Studios Co-owner, Nia Faculty Member, First Degree Nia Black Belt

I am a dreamer, a manifester, healer, and entrepreneur. I have completed hundreds of hours of Nia training which provided valuable tools and knowledge AND my twenty years of living Nia as a lifestyle practice has given me deep insight into my truth and my path. Nia inspires me to embody authenticity by offering a safe space to engage with the whole me: body, mind and spirit. I love to share this in my classes. I light up when I see people come home to their bodies and allow themselves to dream bigger, to live brighter, and to step into the life they desire.

Teaching this practice is my life’s work. Through it, I have learned to live with TONS more joy, connection and belonging. I meet inspiring people (students, teachers and trainers) and Nia has opened windows and doors to incredible opportunities – like dancing on a sailboat while leading a retreat in Mallorca, in le Bus Discotèque cruising the streets of Paris between retreats in the Loire Valley, and of course in my classes in RVA.

Niki Schemmel SoulShine Studios Co-owner, Nia Black Belt, RYT 500 e-RYT 200 YACEP
I fell in love with dancing while choregraphing routines in my living room with my friends in elementary school. I studied jazz and modern dance through my teen years and minored in dance in college. I found Yoga after college and shifted my movement attention to a hatha practice that allowed me to become aware of my body alignment and increase my strength. I also fell in love with Yoga philosophy. I began teaching Yoga in 2001 in Los Angeles and to this day continue my love affair with alignment principles and heart opening Yoga philosophy through ongoing teaching and trainings. Nia came into my life in 2008 and it made my movement practice complete. I was so thrilled to have dance back in my life! I find these two practices to be the perfect marriage of precision and expression. I am so grateful to get to share my joy with people through both of these powerful practices.

Amy Moghanaki
I love to explore! Many of my explorations begin with something small, like a book, a kitchen dance party, a meditation, or a desire to travel. These have lead me on adventures outside to the beauty and lessons of Nature, into deep stillness where I find my inner voice – my Sage, and overseas on retreat with other curious people. I truly love creating adventures for myself and others where we connect to our own wisdom and that within each other.

What I enjoy the most about being a life coach is helping others identify their values and unique qualities so they have a compass to courageously lead their own life’s adventures. I’m currently exploring yoga philosophy, learning Nia routines, and practicing mindfulness. To create magic and meaning in my life, I co-lead retreats with SoulShine Studios – my inspiring friends, and I help people navigate to their best life with coaching.

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