February 8 - 15, 2020

Sara Gallagher and Dina Tsouluhas

Peace, Power, and Play!

Meditate with the sounds of the ocean, flow with the waves of Vinyasa and then splash around in the sand and surf! Peace, Power and Play. Join Sara and Dina for a week of fun in the Costa Rican sun. You will retreat from the busyness of your life! You will have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself. You will have time for practice, time for play, time for authentic conversations and time for self reflection! Come and meet your self with a calm mind, a fit body and an inspired life.

Give yourself the space to BE!

Teacher's Bio

Dina and Sara are both avid students of yoga and life! They met on their mats almost 15 years ago and have journeyed together opening yoga studio’s and riding the waves of life! A deep friendship has emerged, the kind that when life comes knocking they stand together! Dina is a passionate teacher who guides her classes with simplicity and humour. Sara is loving and wise in the way she weaves a class together. If you were to ask either Dina or Sara, ” why do you teach yoga?” they would both reply, “for the love of learning and for the connection to the students.”

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