October 30 - November 6, 2021

Sandra Vanatko

Indra's Grace Coming Home Retreat

Join Sandra Vanatko for an incredibly intimate retreat to Blue Spirit Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica, October 30 – November 6 2021.This will be our tenth season visiting this magical place. Pack your bags and nurture yourself for seven magical nights and eight days. Our lives seem increasingly filled with technology, information excesses, rapid social and cultural shifts, and a sense of being adrift and out-of-balance. And, in the midst of this, there seems to be a profound disconnection from our being. Join us for a weeklong journey of coming home through unique spiritual practices to help you remember deeply what has meaning, what makes you come alive, what is most important, as you connect with your natural self.

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Teacher Bio

Sandra Vanatko is owner and visionary of Indra’s Grace. She has a passion for sharing yoga in a very accessible way. She is a student first. Teaching is part of her path as a student. She has been teaching full time since 2007 when she received her RYT 200 hour certification. In 2008 she received her RYT 500 certification. She received both certifications while living in San Diego, California in the Sivananda Yoga tradition. She is a certified IAYT Yoga therapist with over 1700 hours of documented individual yoga therapy cases. Currently, Sandra has been studying with Dr. John Churchill in the Pointing Out the Great Way style of meditation and completed over 300 hours of studies. This style of meditation combines a strong grounding in the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience integrated with the ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions and the wisdom of their direct transmission lineages. Sandra is an experienced student and teacher of Yoga with approximately 10,000 teaching classroom hours. She has trained hundreds of hours and continues to learn, educate, and update her practice and teaching through her direct experience of the teachings. Known for being a teacher of teachers she is the creative director of Indra’s Grace Yoga Alliance certified 200 and advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training programs. Sandra LOVES Yoga! She is passionate about sharing this deeply beneficial practice.

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