November 6 - 13, 2021

Paula Dancing Eagle Coyne & Alex Holiday

Dancing Awake Your True Nature

We’ve survived! What’s needed now to truly thrive? Nature’s power awaits. Be transformed by the magic and beauty of the Ocean, the Sun, the Earth and the gentle breezes of Costa Rica. Let’s come together in community and experience powerful healing ceremonies, yoga, meditation and dance. Explore the magic of Costa Rica, while being guided to meet your truest nature. What do you want to dream awake inside yourself and in your life? Are you ready to be set free?

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Teacher Bio

Paula Dancing Eagle Coyne has been on a pathway of integrating and sharing transformational practices all her life. Passionate about healing, growth and the embodied spiritual experience, she has trained to bring together potent methods of healing and transformation from various traditions. She is a Clinical Psychologist, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher. She has trained over 20 years with her Earth Wisdom teachers in a Medicine tradition and is a sanctioned teacher and ceremonial guide. Expansion through consciousness practices in the joyful Dance of Life is her calling!

Alex Holiday is a lifelong student of nature, movement and transformational practices. Alex has logged over a thousand hours of yoga teaching where she is passionate about creating accessible classes for everyone and every body. Her teaching is rooted in the principles that if you change your energy you change your mind. Alex’s meets students where they are at, reminding them to drop judgment while approaching practice with love and humor. Her knowledge is rooted in the teachings of Tantra, Ayurveda, and Earth Wisdom. She is an ayurvedic health coach, yoga teacher, sanctioned ceremonial guide, wife of an adorable husband, cooker of delicious things and expert joy maker.

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