July 10 - 17, 2021

Page Sieffert Pilates Nosara

Pilates Nosara Wellness Retreat

Join me for a blissful retreat in Nosara Costa Rica.
Dive into your Pilates practice and get to know sustainable Ayurveda practices to support your body, mind, spirit health.

* Daily Pilates classes for all levels
* Ayurveda workshops
* Nearby Ocean with private access
* Surrounding nature
* Nourishing & healthy food
* Longevity & Spa/Massage treatments available
…and much more!

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“I had the wonderful privilege of taking daily Pilates classes with Page as part of a retreat I attended in Nosara. She is graceful, funny, motivating, and gives terrific instructions and individual attention to make sure we’re all doing the exercises correctly. She makes the most difficult exercises fun and is able to help everyone move to the next level in their fitness” -Merianne

Teacher Bio

Hi!! My name is Page Sieffert. Dancing and movement shaped my life. Through every spin, every plie, every breath, it held me when life was joyous and painful. Movement is my soul food, my therapist, my lover, the truest expression of who I am. I have spent countless hours studying, shapeshifting, and translating movement since I was a child. I found it natural to share what I know to facilitate transformation in others. The number of hours I have spent teaching and studying my craft over the past 25 years seems like a moment in time. That I am excited each day to learn more, study more, and teach more is a gift.

My students are my greatest teachers.I have seen how movement taught with intelligence and integrity can heal someone so they can pick up their children or perform in an elite event. I have seen how being present as a teacher and truly listening to the needs of my students, I can become a healer. One of my greatest passions is guiding those who want to become Instructors. I love watching the evolution of each trainee as they grow into their own unique way of sharing this incredible work, focusing on health and wellness based in the mind, body, and spirit.

My History:
PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Certification
Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico Diet and Lifestyle Practitioner
Gyrotonic Method Certified
Balanced Body Master Instructor
Creator of Pilates and the Five Elements… How to Integrate Ayurveda into your Pilates Practice
Creator of the Online Course ‘Food is Medicine’

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