November 3 - 10, 2018

Meredith Conroy and Laurie LeCompte

Explore and Restore

Join Meredith Conroy and Laurie LeCompte to “Explore and Restore” during this yoga retreat at the exquisite Blue Spirit Resort in Costa Rica, November 3rd -10th 2018.
This breathtaking setting provides the ideal location for deepening your yoga practice, as it is not only beautiful, but also environmentally sustainable. Blue Spirit is located in one of the world’s few “Blue Zones,” where people live longer, happier lives.

This balanced retreat offers a mixture of vinyasa and restorative classes. Every day, the retreat has a theme, which will be applied to both your active and contemplative practice. Yoga classes will be offered in the morning and the evening, and a yoga workshop will be offered in the afternoon. All yoga classes and workshops are included in the price of the retreat and you can come to as many as you want. You can also opt for spa services or excursions!

Family members who have no interest in the yoga portion of the retreat, are welcome to join you and spend their time on the beach instead. You can do as much or as little yoga as you please.

Teacher's Bio

Meredith Conroy, E-RYT 200 and RYT 500, knows that many students begin yoga for the physical results and stress relief, but a good class provides the opportunity to go deeper. Her goal is to support students who are ready and willing to shift out of an everyday state of mind and into one that enables internal exploration, learning and growth. Meredith has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. Meredith is a partner at Bend and Zen Hot Yoga.

Laurie LeCompte, E-RYT 200 and RYT 500, believes that yoga is for everyone. She empowers her students, offering a tailored and sustainable practice. Laurie believes it is her job to build you up, make you stronger, and create an environment in which you can succeed and a practice through which you can achieve long-term health and wellness. Laurie has a Master’s in German Studies. Laurie is the owner of Yoga Baum Yoga School.

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