July 25 - 25, 2019

Lakshmi Dev Bowen

ChakrAnanda Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour

ChakrAnanda 200 Hour Teacher Training is a blend of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga focused on our chakra system for an all-encompassiong yoga practice. It works on the energy system and the physical & spiritual body to bring high self-awareness in a fluid and philosophical way for a transformational experience and leaving students feeling empowered off the mat. This retreat style immersion will be led by 3 teachers with over 40 hours of experience, includes all meals, an excursion, & taxes.

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Teacher Bio

Lakshmi Dev Bowen has been teaching yoga for over 15 years, holds a 200 Hour Teacher Certification in both Hatha (2004) & Kundalini Yoga (2018), and found her passion teaching Chakra based Vinyasa classes. After a long history of trauma, eating disorders & body image issues, and addiction yoga became her go-to for self-acceptance. Lakshmi Dev believes we are all Divine and deserve to live life feeling alive, joyful, & being authentic to our soul’s desires and that yoga is a powerful way to achieve this. Since beginning practicing yoga over 20 years ago, Lakshmi Dev has been passionate about sharing the techniques with others and wants to help create more Light Warriors lifting others up for purposeful prosperity and positive impact on our planet.

She founded the Limitless Ascension Yoga Academy {LAYA} to create a ripple effect of teaching others to teach in a confident and compassionate way and give their students the opportunity experience more bliss in their lives. ChakrAnanda was created after 10 years of teaching chakra-focused classes that blend meditation, mantra, alignment and pranayama with philosophy in a fluid style for a transformative practice. Lakshmi Dev is a married mom of 3 super cool kids, has a very open-mind, is transparent and authentic in her teaching style, & is known to be quite the fun and non-conventional teacher leaving students feeling inspired and empowered. She is an E-RYT 200 Hour, Reiki Master, Female Empowerment Mentor, and Retreat Leader for Female Light Warriors.

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