August 21 - 28, 2021

Kelli Mason

Awaken your limitless soul

During this retreat we will awaken the parts of us that have been dormant and ready to be unleashed. By activating intelligence from within through a combination of yoga, breath work, meditation, personal energy healing practices, and interactive workshops, you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. The intentional flow of this retreat along with the healing energy of the land and water will support you to heal and re-connect with your limitless soul.

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Teacher Bio

Kelli Mason is a nationally recognized hairdresser, creator of “The Limitless Soul Podcast”, founder of the Limitless Collective, and owner of Lux Beauty & Wellness in her home town of Midland, Michigan. Her areas of practice for healing are in yoga, crainosacral, reiki master, and meditation. She has been a keynote speaker at many events, hosted retreats around the U.S., as well as co-leading shows for New York Fashion week. Her passions are truly for helping others raise their consciousness by becoming healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually. As a healer she has the opportunity to share these passions daily with her clients and peers through mentorship and community.

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