May 1 - 8, 2021

Julian DeVoe and Karina Turtzo

The Integrate and Regenerate Journey

You are cordially invited to the Integrate & Regenerate Journey.  Throughout our week in paradise, we will explore the art of living a regenerative lifestyle.  Deep rest, rejuvenation and cultivating resilience will be the key concepts during this experience.  Movement, meditation, breathwork and spiritual practices will connect us with our inner wisdom, restore our wellbeing and relax us into the present.

Through a holistic approach we will nourish our mind, body and spirit — readying ourselves for transformation, integration and a newly paved path towards regenerative practices for our lives and the earth.

This experience is the perfect way to relax, reflect and reconnect — group time & leisure time; movement & stillness; joyfulness & celebration.  All surrounded by the pristine beach and jungle in one of the world’s Blue Zones.  Three delicious meals a day to advance mindful eating.  Deeper detoxes available, state of the art technology at The Longevity Center and time to fully immerse in nature.

MIND – Mental clarity and focus are important for laying the groundwork to navigate turbulent waters and expand our consciousness. Together we will learn the foundations for mental clarity through deep listening and releasing.
• Resiliency Workshops
• Guided Meditation
• Journaling 
• Integration Sharing Circles 

BODY – The human body is the greatest technology we will ever possess — together we will dive deep to reconnect to our bodies, build resiliency and learn to navigate our internal landscape.  Culled from yoga, qigong and natural movement, we will focus on preventative and regenerative actions.  Postural alignment, movement efficiency and mobility are key for awakening our innate physical intelligence.
• Movements For Longevity
• Shaolin Energetic Arts
• Breathwork
• Organic, Local, Nutritious Meals
• Optional Purification Detox Diet 

SPIRIT – Together we remember the ceremonial ways of life to invite a heightened sense of connection to self, others and the universal energies around us.  We will refine our capacity to listen, to reconnect to community and to answer the call for global consciousness.  
• Cacao Ceremony
• Kava Ceremony
• Elemental Medicine Meditations – Deep dive into the wisdom of the elements of nature through the lens of indigenous cultures.
• Sound Journey

COMMUNITY – SEVA – To give back more than we take.
• Beach Clean Up
• Tree Planting with Costas Verde

Teacher Bio

Julian: Quick with a smile, a boisterous laugh and a light heart, Julian DeVoe is an advocate for self-growth, thriving health and personal empowerment. By way of yoga, the shamanic arts, mindful eating and conscious touch he encourages the personal discovery of truth.
Julian currently teaches internationally, specializing in movement to awaken our innate physical intelligence, purification practices for a vibrant body, mindfulness techniques to sharpen self-awareness and spiritual arts for soul connection. He also works as a Cranio-Sacral Therapy Facilitator, Vedic Thai Yoga Therapist and Shamanic Energy healer. Julian is an evolutionary at heart and is an unwavering advocate for anyone on the path of personal growth and human achievement.

He is the author of Robust Vitality and a book of verse, Insights Out. For more on Julian visit:

Karina: Karina is a certified holistic health, transformation and integration guide. She is the founder of the wellness platform Sovereign by Nature, natural plant medicine brand Root to Ritual and womxns group The Sacred Session. Karina compassionately creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. She finds purpose in supporting others on their life’s journey.

What Karina brings to all of her endeavors is the essence of embodiment & prayer that radiates the frequency of wholeness. Her no-nonsense & dynamic approach to facilitating transformation & integration is rooted in ancient wisdom, ritual, the energetic arts, plant medicine and holistic health.

She is a perpetual student of wisdom keepers from around the globe, learning and sharing devotional practices of earth based spirituality.

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