July 13 - 20, 2019

Julia Lopez & Suzie Mills

Costa Rica Women's Eco-Retreat

Put down the cell phone. Put up your ‘out of office’ reply. Tap into your most natural Self. This retreat is a week of yoga, meditation, immersive silence in nature, and women circling up in conversation. Classes led by PE Master Trainers.

Teacher Bio

A lifelong student of yoga, Julia began the practice at the tender age of 16 and has been teaching since her early twenties. Throughout her twenties, Julia taught yoga at studios while also nurturing her life as a young professional After a few years she felt called to leave her expanding career in business to instead share the practice that quite literally saved her life as a teenager, and she ventured into Yoga full-time running a successful solo career, and eventually going in-house to support programming & development for a prominent American yoga company. Julia left that position in 2015 and moved to Austin, Texas where she launched a yoga education and consulting company, Practice Everywhere, that she toured with nationally, as well as filmed several yoga series geared towards women that are now featured on Amazon Prime. In 2018 she became a co-owner of Honest Soul Yoga. And together her ventures with Practice Everywhere and Honest Soul Yoga she is quilting an ecosystem of offerings that provide inspiration, motivation, interpersonal connection, and personal growth for wild, radical women looking to make big contribution in this life.

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