May 21 - 28, 2022

Jorgelina Chaij

Inner Nature

Immerse in the healing powers of Nature! Joining forces with Blue Spirit Retreats, this retreat will provide all participants with a unique healing experience.

We would love to have you join us in our holistic yoga and meditation journey and encourage you to open yourself up to the experience of discovering and connecting with your INNER NATURE
Incorporating teachings of Yoga, Reiki, and Mindfulness techniques that can allow us to enjoy life moment by moment. Attuning to the flow of life.

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” — Rumi

Teacher Bio

Jorgelina is the founder of Mindful Space Yoga & Meditation Studio. She achieved her Bachelors in Business administration in 2011, but shortly after she realized her purpose in life was to become a yoga teacher to serve the community. She completed her 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Flow with Travis Elliot and Daniel Head and her E-RYT® 500 /, YACEP® 1000 Hour-IP Registered Therapeutic Specialist with Yoga Medicine under the guidance of Tiffany Cruinkshak completing modules around the world, from Costa Rica, Spain, Thailand, and the USA.

In order to expand her understanding of Mindfulness, and Meditation she completed Meditation training with Rashmi Bismark, MD, MPH, Calming the Mind with Cortland Dahl Ph.D., and Mingyur Rinpoche. UCLA MARK, MAPs I, II, and Cultivating Forgiveness with Diana Winston. Substance Abuse & the Brain Clinical Training Laurie Paul, Ph.D. Mindful, Trauma-Informed Yoga
Certified Master Reiki Healing System, Trauma Awareness with Dr. Sean Feit Oakes

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness for addiction recovery at Faith Recovery Center and Safe Haven Recovery House in Beverly Hills, CA
Jorgelina is known for her authentic, caring, inclusive, and compassion-centered philosophy. Her classes are fun, vigorous, and challenging while still being just as meditative, mindful, and relaxing. A combination of the ancient wisdom of Yoga philosophy and western knowledge of body anatomy. She aims to provide yoga to everyone and meet students where they are in their practice. She loves seeing students grow and evolve in their practice and how much Yoga and Mindfulness have a positive influence on their lives.

As a Therapeutic Specialist, Jorgelina also enjoys working one-on-one with students, she tailors her classes based on each student’s needs. For example, someone who is new to yoga and looking for a well-rounded teacher, someone recovering from injuries, or trying to improve in a particular area.

She has worked in residential treatment settings for Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders. Providing a variety of Yoga, and Mindfulness, and Reiki healing modalities to support and empower students in the process of recovery.

Jorgelina is a passionate and adventurous yogi, who finds joy in simple things. She loves traveling to new places and experiencing other cultures as well as learning about history and enjoying her time near the ocean. She loves yoga because it allows her to enjoy life consciously, and be able to connect to people and her community, and most importantly be a better mom.

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