January 5 - 12, 2019

Joan Halifax Roshi, Jai Uttal, Nubia Teixeira, Mark Matousek, Frank Ostaseski, Annette Knopp, Stephan Rechtschaffen and Steven Michael Pague

Omega Costa Rica • Week 1

In Week 1 of Omega Costa Rica, you can explore a contemporary approach to Buddhism, learn a new approach to joyful eating, or develop the art of attention. You also can experience memoir as a healing path, practice rejuvenating qigong or dance, or learn the fundamentals of longevity.

Throughout the week, enjoy a workshop in the morning, try another in the afternoon, or abandon your schedule and head to the beach.

Sample from all these workshops during the week.

Standing at the Edge
Finding Freedom Where Fear & Courage Meet
Joan Halifax Roshi
Explore a radical vision of compassion in this contemporary approach to Buddhist teachings. Zen teacher and social activist Joan Halifax Roshi has a unique style of teaching—using story, koans, science, history, current events, interactions, and meditation practice as a way to open our lives to a vaster horizon.

Awakening Bhakti Workshop
A Celebration of Divine & Human Love
Jai Uttal
Celebrate and connect with the divine through bhakti yoga—the yoga of divine love. In the practice of bhakti yoga, devotional chanting (kirtan) becomes our teacher, reconnecting us with spirit and helping us find healing and wholeness within ourselves. Guided by Grammy Award-nominated kirtan artist Jai Uttal, we explore, express, and share the deepest caverns of our souls, and ultimately find the eternal spring of love, service, and surrender.

Bhakti Nova Yoga
A Pilgrimage Into the Heart
Nubia Teixeira
Explore accessible yogic techniques and bring healing into your life through mindful movement, breathwork, and prayer with Nubia Teixeira, founder of the Bhakti Nova—a unique combination of techniques from bhakti, hatha, and kriya yoga. Pranayama (breathwork) and bhakti yoga (spiritual devotion) are two profound ways to connect with the divine source. While our breath connects our “inner and outer” environments, Bhakti Nova Yoga creates an inseparable link with spirit throughout our daily life. Through breathing, chanting, and asana, you learn to cultivate a nurturing practice to help navigate life.

Living Fully
Inviting the Wisdom of Death Into Life
Frank Ostaseski
Frank Ostaseski, a renowned Buddhist teacher and co-founder of the Zen Hospice
Project, offers pragmatic tools, real-life stories, and ancient wisdom to help you discover how an awareness of death can be a valuable companion on the road to living well.

Writing to Awaken
Spiritual Memoir as a Healing Path
Mark Matousek, MA
When you learn to write truthfully about life experiences and discern your soul’s journey, you come to understand the mythic dimension of your struggles and triumphs. When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed. Join memoirist Mark Matousek for a literary pilgrimage within and discover spiritual memoir as a path to self-knowledge, using writing exercises, group dialogue, and one-on-one time with Mark.

Living From Heart-Mind
Annette Knopp
There is a dimension of our being that remains free and undamaged, no matter the conditions of our lives. Through meditation, experiential inquiries, and contemplative dialogue, Annette Knopp guides you toward the direct knowing of your heart-mind and helps you learn to relax more into what is already profoundly complete within.

The Path to Longevity
Create More Time for Life
Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD
Physician, author, co-founder of Omega, and founder of Blue Spirit, Stephan Rechtschaffen teaches integrative approaches to longevity, time, stress reduction, and wellbeing. Learn to attain and maintain greater vitality and a longer life, and discover ways to lead a more balanced life while coming deeper into the present moment.

Cultivate Your Life Force
Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary With Waterfall Qigong
Steven Michael Pague
“Qi” is life force and “gong” is cultivation. Delve into the mysteries of qigong through a blend of easy-to-learn movements designed to increase vitality, strengthen immune function, enhance creativity, achieve harmony and balance, and much more. Led by Steven Michael Pague, a certified instructor in Chinese movement and healing arts and founding Omega staff member, you rekindle
the fire of your inner smile and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Add an optional cleanse to any week:
Blue Spirit Longevity Program
7-Day Detox & Revitalizing Cleanse
Add this special weeklong cleanse program to enhance your health, longevity, and vitality during your stay at Blue Spirit. Dedicate time to focus on revitalizing your body through a nutritious cleanse diet, along with detox, supplements, superfood smoothies, and yoga and qigong practices. Return home rejuvenated, relaxed, and revitalized.

There is an additional $200 charge for this program.
Please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register for the cleanse.

For more information or to register for a program, please call Omega at 877.944.2002 or visit eOmega.org/winter

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