August 14 - 21, 2021

Gina Starbuck & Elyse Falzone

The Rebirth Retreat: A Celebration of Your Divine Essence

Welcome to your healing journey with Gina & Elyse.

This intentionally crafted sacred space is to nourish you. Nourish the Earth. To cleanse, refresh and recharge.

We are inviting you to celebrate.
Celebrate your gifts, your vision, your divine essence.

To honor all that you have become and all that you are becoming.
To come back to your heart, and in turn, help activate the heart of the entire planet.

Come experience healing circles, ceremonies, embodied movement & more.

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Teacher Bio

Gina Starbuck & Elyse Falzone, of Awake & Soulful, are both intuitive healers, energy alchemists and conduits of channeled Light energy. They both are mamas and dancers and they bring forward their skills in many healing modalities to their clients and sacred spaces. (Angel Therapy, NLP, Reiki, Embodied Movement, Crystals, Emotional Intelligence and more).

Awake and Soulful’s mission is to activate women into a deeper connection with their real, authentic selves and to celebrate the expansiveness of both the individual and the collective…

With a deep reverence for community, we curate spaces and places for women to grow, heal, let go of limitations and learn to master their unique spiritual gifts.

Divinely lead.


Dancing souls…

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