July 24 - 31, 2021


Activating Feminine Intelligence for a Regenerative Future

During this extraordinary week, you will be working with and learning from those who are leading with feminine intelligence. These people are experts in the fields of systemic change and transformation, media and the arts, spirituality, politics and foreign policy, neuroscience and embodied learning, eco-feminism, economics and business, peace and reconciliation, trauma recovery and somatic intelligence. Together we will unleash our collective intelligence, build capacity and unlock ingenuity, increase our solidarity and love toward the healing of our societies, we will discuss learn and imagine how to build the new economies and social systems in service to a regenerative future.

This one week will be a fusion of the personal (7 days) and virtual spaces (5 days). We will journey in conversation, working groups, through deep reflection and practices to heal what has been broken, rebuild our strength, restore hope and reawaken our feminine intelligence that enables transformation and an exponential shift in the current paradigm.

THE FEMMEQ RETREAT is for men, women and people of all genders who know that feminine intelligence is the new leadership power to bring about the systemic transformation needed. You will leave this week with renewed strength, active hope and a deep knowing that together we can create a flourishing future for ourselves, our communities, our organisations and our planet.

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Teacher Bio

Karen Downes, Co-founder FemmeQ, Social Entrepreneur leading programmes for systemic change in organisations and enterprises around the world.
Annette Knopp, A seasoned guide in the realm of consciousness, counsellor and meditation teacher and shamanic healer..
Dr. Scilla Elworthy, A pioneer in Peace Building, a thought leader with decades of dedicated work in the settlement of international conflicts and war. Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Jan Hurwitch, Focuses on constructing bridges among ideas, cultures, groups and individuals. She has directed a five-country program for micro-enterprise training in – Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago.
Eduard Muller, Environmentalist, scientist, founder of the University for International Cooperation. A global leader in the promotion and advocacy of regenerative development and design
Melina Angel, An evolutionary biologist and a biomimetic, working in regeneration and evolution at different scales, from individuals to eco and human systems.
Anne Stephens, Author and Practitioner, working with the intersects between ecological systems, marginalisation and gender, illuminating this awareness for all.
Jim Ritchie-Dunham, Designs strategic systems-change frameworks and co-develops implementation processes for whole-systems, high-leverage transformation. His work has guided 1000s of groups in 100s of initiatives in 43 countries.
Sandra Waddock, Author of 15 books and more than 170 papers on system transformation, new economics, corporate responsibility, intellectual shamanism, and difference makers.

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