July 20 - 27, 2019

Eli Rechtschaffen and Luis Gabriel

The Nature Within: Shamanism, Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Join us for this life transformational week of deep healing. This is a once in a life time journey that is sure to open your heart and soul in ways you have never known!

First we honor and give gratitude to the Great Spirit, to Mother Nature, to the Grandfather Sun, to all the Spirits of Nature, to our Ancestors, to the Tribes and Guardians of these sacred plant medicines, to the Lords of these plants, and to our teachers Taita Juan and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and we give thanks to all of you whose hearts are open to heal yourselves and to bring this light to all beings around the planet.

This week long retreat includes Two Sacred Ancestral Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Private Consultations with Eli and Luis Gabriel, a Purification Sweatlodge Ritual, Origin Sound Healing Journey’s, King Nettle Treatments, Daily Meditation and Yoga Classes, Personal Healing Sessions, Ancient Plant Wisdom Talks, Nature Prayers and Offerings, Plant Technology Regeneration Baths, three healthy meals daily at the Healing Sanctuary Blue Spirit, free time for swimming in the Grandmother Ocean and space for relaxation.

During this retreat, we uncover the medicine women and men within ourselves through these ancestral ceremonies. In the tribes of Siona and Ingano they place the medicine plants as the central pillars of the culture. Taita Juan teaches that, ” We practice the medicine to return to the origin of creation and the origin of life.” The origin of life is one of pure love, one where we dance and laugh through all its colors!

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Teacher Bio

This retreat is co-lead by Eli who is a medicine man and in service to the Great Spirit and Mother Nature. At the age of 17 Eli met the Shamans of the Amazon Jungle for the first time. In the lineage of the Siona and Ingano it is spoken of the ‘Suma Pinta’ or the highest vision of the heavens and in the path of the Yage it is a key element of the path of a healer. Over the next years of drinking medicine he had the blessing to meet Taita Juan. Eli saw that his life was meant to be in service to the Yage and to support the healing mission of Taita by organizing retreats alongside him.

Since this time Eli has been organizing healing work with Taita Juan in Costa Rica and Colombia. Eli also has his own healing practice where he leads retreats and medicine ceremonies. In addition to Eli’s studies with Taita Juan and these cultures he has extensively studied the paths of meditation, Yoga, energy healing practices and other spiritual modalities of awakening the heart. In these retreats Eli draws upon all of these tools to bring the most healing and light to your being.

This retreat is co-lead by Luis Gabriel who is a medicine man and our ceremonial musician from the Yanacona tribe. Luis Gabriel has been studying with Taita Juanito for over 12 years and studying the healing vibration of music for over 20 years. At the age of 10 he moved to Putumayo, Colombia where he started studying the art of the curanderismo (healer). He spent 4 years in preparation with a Grandfather studying the culture and then began to work with the sacred plant medicines.

At the age of 9-years-old Luis began to study music, he now plays the violin, guitar, flutes, percussions, piano, voice and many other instruments. Through the permission and guidance of God. Luis Gabriel uses the sound and frequency of music to reach directly to the heart to help heal blockages, traumas and energetic imbalances. Luis Gabriel will be sharing sacred medicine talks, playing music in our sacred ancestral ceremonies, and offering sound healing sessions.