April 30 - May 7, 2022

Eileen Robertson, Hamra Debbie dela Cuesta, Melissa Chrusfield

Time to Fly

The Time to Fly Retreat is the perfect place to come together to deepen and expand personal development, cultivate presence, and enjoy restoration and healing. Expand your capacity to be with life – whatever life brings. Discover joy and meaning, purpose and connection. The Time to Fly Retreat is a space to refuel, recharge and relaunch your life as the best version of yourself, ready to integrate new tools and practices that will align, anchor and empower you wherever you are.

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Teacher Bio

* Eileen is a Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, author, yoga teacher, and inspirational speaker. Her experience ranges from coaching individuals and families to educating elementary school students in nutrition, yoga & Life re-entry. She is committed to empowering others to live healthy and extraordinary lives.
* As a personal coach and psychotherapist, Debbie dela Cuesta has the unique skill and experience to support and invite individuals and groups into the depths of their own personal and collective transformation and awakening.
* Melissa is a Certified Yoga teacher with a heart and passion for unearthing the limitless potential in all people. She desires deeply that the beauty, potential and great value of every human being be recognized with both words and actions.

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