March 5 - 12, 2022

Catie Fenn and Catherine Cowan

Journey to the Heart

These seven divine days of yoga, meditation, group coaching, and inspiring soul work will awaken a deeper connection to your heart and unite you with a beautiful tribe of women – all in one of the most healing places on earth. This retreat is thoughtfully designed to invite you to re-connect with the truth in your heart so you can gain clarity on what you desire most and step into receiving and living the life you’re ready for.This week will give you a safe space to land and tune inward.

Teacher Bio

Catie Fenn and Catherine Cowan are soul guides, healers, yoga instructors and coaches committed to helping women awaken into their fullest potentials and live life on their own terms. Catie brings her vibrant and passionate nature, alongside a background in working as a lawyer, to help others break-through limitations. Catherine brings her grounded wisdom, practical approach, and nurturing nature to help others safely explore who they are and what they are ready to safely heal, shift and land into next. Together they help women to step into new levels of radiance, self-trust and passion for life.

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