April 27 - May 4, 2019

Cathy Mandrioli

Yoga Asanas as therapy for a healthy body, mind and spirit

Join Cathy and a small group of students as we enjoy an invigorating physical practice every morning, with captivating views of paradise! Move your body with your breath to release toxins and invite serenity. Guide your muscles into supple balance while the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean stimulates your senses.

In the afternoon we will explore gentle motion or restorative postures to revitalize our nervous systems and quiet our minds. Blocks and blankets will support us, and mantras and meditation will enhance this peaceful release. Yoga will be our path to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. You’ll take home techniques you can incorporate in your daily life after the retreat.

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Yoga asanas as therapy for a healthy body, mind and spirit


Cathy shares her joy in life and yoga with her students, inspiring them to develop their own practice in seeking health, fulfillment and insight. She is known for her subtle and supportive style, helping all yogis expand their inner wisdom and vitality. Cathy is an experienced instructor of both hatha and vinyasa yoga and holds certifications in Kripalu and Prana Vayu yoga. You can read more about her approach on her website at www.yogainyourhome.net.

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