July 6 - 13, 2019

Carly Forest, Krassi Harwell & Jaclyn Long

Yoga, Mindfulness & Learn To Surf

Join Carly Forest, Krassi Harwell, Jaclyn Long and a talented team of surfing instructors for a deeply enriching retreat at Blue Spirit…a seaside retreat center just steps away from some of the most consistent surf in Costa Rica!

More than just a yoga retreat, this week invites you to explore truly transformative personal growth experiences. Deepen your capacity to be present with all that arises within you as you practice mindfulness tools, helping you to reduce stress, improve focus and boost overall well-being.
Nurture your body with vinyasa yoga each morning, Qi Gong each afternoon and yin yoga each evening to promote joint and organ health. Rediscover your essential nature through gentle self-inquiry practices, including reflective journaling exercises. Practice tools that will support you in relating more compassionately to yourself and others. Become inspired by teachings that will invite you to trust the mysterious unfolding of your life and help you awaken to your deepest intentions.
Immerse yourself in Blue Spirit’s inspiring natural setting as you become more aware of your connection with the infinite web of life. This week promises to be a rejuvenating experience, helping you boost your overall health, promote well-being, tune into your natural rhythms and awaken to your true nature.

Our retreats help you foster friendship and connection with like-minded people. Truly kind, caring, adventurous and soulful people tend to gravitate to our retreats! We would love to have YOU join us!

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Carly, Krassi and Jackie believe yoga and mindfulness are paths of awakening. These practices help us open to our true nature as we more fully accept, integrate and embrace our unfolding experiences. Facilitating international yoga retreats for over 12 years, Carly, Krassi and Jackie weave the well-researched and evidenced-based practice of mindfulness into each yoga class, helping students to cultivate present-moment, non-judgmental awareness. Mindfulness practices help us develop compassion, as we shed habitual patterns of striving.

Carly believes that retreating from our busy lives is a deeply supportive act of remembering: remembering ourselves, our deepest longing and heartfelt intentions to live a meaningful life. It helps us see, hear and feel life differently. Drawing inspiration and wisdom from the natural world, Carly offers Yin yoga, mindfulness and self-inquiry as a way to assist you in attuning to your external environment and your inner landscapes.

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