October 29 - November 5, 2022

Brooke Sprowl and Jamaica Stevens

Integrity as Awakening: The Magic of Personal and Collective Emergence

By bringing each domain of our lives into integrity, higher states of consciousness such as flow states, mystical experiences, and non-dual awareness emerge.
In this sense, integrity is awakening. Using Brooke Sprowl’s pioneering psychospiritual model, Emergence Theory, we will chart a course to bring your life into alignment, unlocking the latent spiritual, creative, and transformative energy that naturally awakens when we live out our deepest values, higher purpose, and unique expression.


Teacher Bio

With 15 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, Brooke Sprowl has dedicated her life to understanding what lies at the heart of psychological and spiritual transformation. Integrating evidence-based therapeutic modalities with flow neuroscience techniques and contemplative spiritual practices, Brooke is passionate about guiding people to bring every aspect of their lives into deep integrity, balance, and wholeness in order to unlock the latent spiritual, creative, and transformative energy that naturally awakens in the process that she calls “emergence.”

Brooke is the founder and clinical director of My LA Therapy, a concierge, integrative therapy practice located in LA, where she leads a team of approximately 15 therapists and mental-health informed wellness professionals. She recently launched My Truest North, a retreat-based consultancy firm that specializes in helping mission-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to integrate self-healing, spirituality, and higher purpose in service of individual and collective transformation.

Her co-facilitator, Jamaica Stevens, is an experienced event producer, group facilitator, retreat leader, educational program designer, organizational and culture designer, community organizer, project manager, storyteller, and life coach.

Jamaica’s passion is supporting the cultivation of personal integrity, radical inter-relatedness, and collective transformation to unlock the well of wisdom and divine expression inherent within us all.

She is an advocate for humanity’s remembrance that we are deeply woven into the web of life with a responsibility to uphold sacred reciprocity as stewards of our Planetary Commons. As we all align with our own wholeness and embodied consciousness, we contribute as catalysts of cultural re)evolution, creating the conditions to restore our biosphere and cooperate towards thriving social ecosystems integrated as part of the Living Earth.

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