March 23 - 30, 2019

Becca Pace & Marisa Merliss

REVIVE Restorative Retreats

Guests can expect morning bodyART functional training, and evening MELT method classes daily. Both modalities focus on a full-body rebalance through holistic fitness practices and recovery techniques. Plan on choosing to partake in local excursions, and/or enjoy ample time for R&R.

Guests will be able to center their mind and body, while practicing therapeutic exercises for strength, and recovery. These unique methods allow guests to leave feeling stronger, more balanced, and relaxed by the end of their REVIVE Restorative Retreat!

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Teacher's Bio

Becca and Marisa created REVIVE Restorative Retreats, a company they co-fo. They could not be happier to team up to share the healing and restorative benefits of the MELT Method, bodyART and more in exotic locations around the globe! REVIVE wants to instill lifelong, holistic fitness and recovery practices along with building a strong community of lasting friendships.

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