July 10 - 17, 2021

Ayi and Michael Wong Mayzel & Tryshe Dhevney

Exploring the Depths of Sound

This exciting hands on retreat will focus on advancing your practice in sound…

Ayi and Michael will focus on increasing your awareness and sensitivity to sound through more advanced gong techniques, Qi Gong as well as share the healing potential of a variety of overtone instruments.

Tryshe will share sound tools that will open your throat chakra, move stagnant energies and support your intuitive wisdom on a cellular level.

She will teach you how to use your own voice as medicine… and guide.

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Teacher Bio

Tryshe Dhevney is a Sound Energy Expert, Author, International Speaker and best-selling Crystal Bowl recording artist with Sounds True. She has several decades of experience assisting others in creating health, wealth and wholeness through the transforming properties of the voice and crystal sound energy.

Ayi Wong and Michael Mayzel are Shanti Sounds Costa Rica.
With the blend of their unique backgrounds, Michael and Ayi bring a special alchemy to the creation of sound… sharing Sound Journeys and teaching in Europe, North America and Costa Rica. Their work has supported thousands of individuals, as well as professionals, larger groups and institutions, including training the music therapy department of one of the largest residential school of special needs in the United States.
Their firsthand knowledge in the creation of the instruments they teach allow Michael and Ayi an intimate understanding of their uniqueness and potential.

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