December 3 - 10, 2022

Annette Knopp, Blue Spirit Co-founder


Our breath and body offer potent gateways to our deeper nature – the essence of our being that is inherently wakeful, wise and whole. And yet many of us, are unable to connect with our experiential body in everyday life. Speedy, modern life styles lead us to mostly override bodily cues, hunches and feelings. Also the shunning of the sensual body in many religions and some spiritual traditions’ misleading statements about “transcending the body” causes needless suffering and spiritual bypassing. Instead we learn to treat our body like a machine that should function to serve “more important matters” or objectify it into another source of self-criticism and shame.

This retreat offers a sacred opportunity to gently undo the various trances of disconnect and re-inhabit the vibrant intelligence of our earthly expression and true nature. The more we can relax into the innate stability, sensitivity and luminous openness of our embodied intelligence, the more we will feel connected and at home wherever we are.

During our week, we will draw from the somatic wisdom of Indo-Tibetan meditation traditions, trauma-sensitive mindfulness, modern Western neurobiology as well as shamanic and nature-based practices. Daily yoga (for all levels), conscious breath-work and compassionate community will support our deeper integration. During our free time, we will unwind in the pristine presence of surrounding nature, enjoy Blue Spirit’s white-sanded beach, swim in the Ocean or saltwater infinity pool and be nourished by Blue Spirit’s deliciously nutritious cuisine.
IMPORTANT: The nature of this retreat is mainly contemplative. If you are not ready to observe silence for parts of this week – in order to lessen the distractions that prevent you from befriending yourself – this retreat is not a good fit for you.

Teacher Bio

With 30 years of exploration, Annette is seasoned guide in the realm of consciousness. As a meditation teacher, somatic counselor and shamanic practitioner she supports and mentors clients from all over the world in their unique journeys of awakening and transformation.
Favoring an integrative approach to spiritual awakening, Annette draws from a rich background of studies and practices of Buddhist meditation, Hindu Vedanta and cutting-edge Western psycho-spiritual integration. She is a full mesa carrier in a Shamanic lineage of the Peruvian Andes, a certified DARe-practitioner (somatic approach to repair relational trauma), ordained Wisdom Keeper and has been trained as a Yoga teacher in various traditions.

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