March 30 - April 6, 2019

Angie Edgson and Lisa Watson

HEAL - Energy Medicine and Traditional Yogic Healing Techniques

Lisa Watson and Angie Edgson are delighted to bring you this exceptional healing retreat, a beautiful beginning place for both new and experienced practitioners who are curious about cultivating our own natural capacity for self-healing.

You will learn about the deeper meaning and philosophy of yoga beyond just the postures plus, explore the traditional practices to see how they work as a technology for healing and wholeness on all levels. No yoga experience required as this is not a yoga pose focused retreat. Choose between two-morning yoga classes, one gentle, one intermediate, according to your mood and learn about the chakra system in each class. Evenings, be lulled to sleep by relaxing guided meditation (yoga nidra) sessions or enjoy interactive energy medicine sessions. From workshops on interactive energy medicine healing to ancient yogic breath, meditation, mudra and mantra practices for wholeness and healing, do as much or as little as you like during your 8 days.

We will provide you with the perfect balance of rest and relaxation with opportunities for growth and learning. Follow your own rhythms and listen to your own needs. Rekindle your connection with your true self: happy, relaxed and free. Often we become stuck in life and find it difficult to move forward. We may feel unmotivated, uninspired, fearful, tired and sometimes even anxious. This is because the energy flow or our life force energy has been blocked at one of its 7 stages.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do you have trouble finding or changing jobs or do you find yourself clinging to security?
Are you someone who forgets to eat, feels guilty resting or allowing yourself to have pleasure?
Do you find you are unable to say no or ask for what you want or do others find you overpowering?
Do you have trouble finding your voice especially when the topic is personal?
Are you able to envision or imagine what it is you want in life or is it difficult to picture in your mind?
Do ideas come to you easily or do you simply “have no idea” what your purpose is?

If you resonate with any of these questions then this retreat is for you. We will work through each one of these developmental stages collectively to determine blocks and reprogram beliefs thus opening the energy channels to find Liberation (Freedom) and Manifestation (Purpose). You will emerge from this luxurious week knowing more what your life purpose is and what you truly need to be happier, healthier and full of vitality. You will heal old issues whether they are physical, mental or emotional. After getting clarity, you will go home feeling refreshed, excited and inspired about your life path moving forward.

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Teacher's Bio

Lisa Watson: I started working with the physical body as a Personal Fitness Specialist in 2013 and opened a fitness facility at that same time. I fell in love with being involved in helping others transform their lives. I soon began to realize that the body was more than just physical and became curious more about the body and its connection to the mind and soul. I realized that it was important to not only work out but to work in. This is when I discovered yoga and immediately knew I had found my true love. I began my journey with energy medicine when I became a certified Yoga teacher in 2015 at which time I also learned about the Chakra system. I immediately began studying the Psychology of the Chakras. As I continued to learn about how people can heal their own mind and body by balancing their own energy I discovered Touch For Health Kinesiology which provides the science and the tools for healing. I combine several modalities including Yoga, Chakras, Kinesiology and Eden Energy Medicine to help people find balance within their own bodies. My approach to health is holistic with consideration of all aspects of health and wellness to create an overall wellness of mind, body and soul.

Angie Edgson: I take yoga and turn it into an adventure. I believe yoga is play and is a natural way to explore our human potential and expand our consciousness in this human life. Yoga has not only kept me physically agile and strong but mentally solid and stable so that I can be the most effective human being possible and of service to those around me. I am passionate about sharing the yoga tools so that others can experience themselves as whole, healthy and incredibly happy, as we were designed to be. This does not mean life is without its challenges and that we won’t move through an entire rainbow of emotional colors and experiences, but it means that we are developing the skills, like warriors, to move through life with grace, confidence and charm. I combine the traditional teachings I learned at the feet of my masters during my time in India (where your teacher can be a sage in flowing robes from the Himalayas or a stray cow travelling door to door for her breakfast) with my background in integrative yoga therapy to create fun, innovative, and powerfully engaging yoga programs for individuals and groups. My classes embrace the greater philosophy of yoga and all its branches as a vehicle for self discovery and divine unity.

We explore not only the postures but we delve a lot into breathwork, meditation, mantra, mudra and philosophy in my classes which is more in line with the teachings as I was taught them. Learning more about our true nature and how we are all connected is an integral aspect of the teachings I share. Less focus on the yoga postures, more focus on how we can continue to evolve as human beings on this earth. All of this unfolds mostly in Kamloops, BC, Canada, when I am not on my paddleboard or camping in my van in some tucked away spot or travelling abroad. I am passionate about making yoga accessible to all who seek it. I don’t believe that only those with sufficient socio-economic standing should be able to access yoga. So it is in this spirit that I have partnered with the assistant warden at the Kamloops Correctional Facility in spearheading a weekly yoga program at the facility there. We have been teaching weekly classes at the jail since the fall of 2017. Watching those guys grab on to the yoga tools and dig into it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a yoga teacher. My partners and I also facilitate regular fundraisers to raise funds for local charities that support the women’s shelter and the local mission that helps to feed the homeless. It is my goal to continue to allocate more funds as I move forward with this work. Retreats are a wonderful way to support our work financially so that we can continue to give back to the community in the future.

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