Chris Niebauer

Chris Niebauer earned his PhD in cognitive neuropsychology at the University of Toledo, specializing in the differences between the left and right sides of the human brain. He is the author of No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up to Buddhism and a professor at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where he teaches courses on consciousness, mindfulness, left- and right-brain differences, and artificial intelligence. According to Niebauer, we are just beginning to understand the link between Eastern philosophy and the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience and what these assimilated ideas mean for the human experience.

The latest research in neuropsychology is now confirming a fundamental tenet of Buddhism, that is called Anatta, or the doctrine of “no self.” Our sense of self, or what we commonly refer to as the ego, is an illusion created entirely by the left side of the brain. His conclusions have significant ramifications for many modern psychological modalities, which he says are spending much of their time trying to fix something that isn’t there.


No Self No Problem

The purpose of this course is to allow participants to experience this truth using exercises and practices which are designed to change the way we experience the world—a way that is based on being rather than thinking. Since we now know that the self is an illusion created entirely by the left side of the brain, we can explore the myriad of ways this revelation can change the way we experience the world. These exercises will help you tap into a true sense of mindfulness and inner peace, understand human consciousness, and alleviate the daily suffering caused by the way we identify with the false self.

Study with Chris Niebauer

Chris Niebauer is teaching in Wisdom & Wellbeing at Blue Spirit Multi-Faculty Week 4, January 29 – February 5, 2022.